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An Unparalleled Approach to Commerce Management

  • Sleek & Cost Effective Tablet Hardware
    • Low acquisition cost
    • Rapid repair and replacement
    • Fixed and portable models
    • Robust hardware security
    • Wired or wireless connectivity
  • Front of House Speed and Simplicity
    • Accelerate speed of service
    • Intuitive touchscreen interfaces
    • Simplify employee training
    • Easily enable self-service and mobile ordering
    • Infinite offline mode
  • Comprehensive, Secure Back Office Management
    • Manage menus and pricing from anywhere, on any device
    • Massive accuracy & efficiency gains for reconciliation and inventory
    • Tier 1 PCI Compliant
    • Open APIs simplify integration with other tools
  • Robust, Actionable Insights
    • Real time visibility of transactions, locations, and employees
    • 1-click delivery of standard reports
    • Insights engine pinpoints profit growth opportunities
    • Integrate with a wide variety of 3rd party BI platforms
  • Deep Partnership
    • We customize the platform for your operations
    • Training tailored to your needs
    • 24/7/365 support with industry leading SLA
    • On-Site Event Support
    • No Pay per Ticket

Sports & Entertainment

Accelerating commerce for more than 120 professional and collegiate teams

Purpose Built Back Office

Bypass Venue Manager supports complex large venue inventory and cash control functions like perpetual inventory, audits and financial controls, GOS accounting, and multi-site reporting.

Comprehensive Front of House

Our elegant, intuitive POS and guest-facing interfaces are easy to learn, accelerate speed of service, accept virtually all payment types, and enrich the fan experience.

Experience at Scale

Operating a 100,000 seat stadium presents unique challenges that most businesses never encounter. Bypass knows and solves these challenges for venues across the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA.

Fast Casual Dining

Connecting every location, delighting every guest

Accelerating Service

Bypass’s intuitive, cost effective POS tablets accelerate speed of service and simplify cashier training. Behind the scenes you can centrally manage menus and create reports from any device, for 10 stores or 10,000. This happens on a platform with robust security, cloud scalability and uptime, and an infinite offline operating mode.

Ready For Your Future

Your operations are evolving, and the Bypass platform is ready to evolve with you. Our cloud architecture and open APIs integrate online and mobile ordering, kiosks, EMV, loyalty & marketing programs, and your full suite of inventory, accounting, and labor tools.

Enterprise Reporting

Our report builder was designed for large organizations with multiple constituencies accessing the data. Build new reports in minutes, save and customize dashboard views, and export data to multiple format types. Big data you can use.

Food Service Companies

Servicing your business, everywhere

Standardize and Simplify

Choosing a single solution for POS, back office tools, and reporting across your company saves cost, reduces complexity, and improves agility. Bypass enables this with a platform that is easy to deploy, train, and operate in virtually any food service operation. Because it is cloud based and enterprise grade, you can securely manage all menus and monitor all operations centrally.

Comprehensive Front of House

Our intuitive POS tablets and self-service apps are easy to learn, accelerate speed of service, accept virtually all payment types, and enrich the guest experience. We offer devices, connectivity, and peripherals to support virtually any operation.

Multi-Site Analytics

Use our dashboards and reports to monitor real-time operations and measure results across locations, divisions, or your full company. The Bypass insights engine will help you pinpoint key opportunities for maximizing profits.

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