The Miami Heat Partner with Bypass

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The Miami Heat partner with Bypass for a new Point of Sale Solution at American Airlines Arena

Austin, TX – Bypass Mobile, a leader in enterprise point-of-sale systems, is thrilled to announce its partnership with three-time NBA Champion, Miami HEAT. The partnership, which makes Bypass the sole point-of-sale provider for the AmericanAirlines Arena, will be fully live by the start of NBA Season in October of 2019.

 “We’re proud to be the first ‘contactless’ building in the NBA. Guests tap their smartphone to enter the arena, tap to pay at concessions and retail, and tap to unlock loyalty rewards,” said Matthew Jafarian, EVP of Business Strategy for the Miami HEAT. “The goal is an intuitive experience with fast transactions, less time spent in line, and more time enjoying the event. After a year-long search, we selected Bypass to realize our vision in all concession and premium dining locations. Bypass’ technology is second to none, and they already support the latest NFC protocols, including Apple’s Value-Added Service (VAS) and Google’s Smart Tap. On top of that, their integration to Tapin2 is what we needed to provide a brand new in-suite and mobile ordering experience.”

“The Tapin2 platform combined with Bypass is a perfect fit for the fan experience that the Miami HEAT is creating,” says Phong Vu, CEO of Tapin2.   Phong also noted, “when you’re at a game, the last thing you want to do is miss the action to get concessions. The Miami HEAT will leverage Tapin2’s mobile ordering and in-suite ordering solutions to allow fans to order food and beverage without leaving their seats. That’s what I call a great fan experience!”

The unique combination of integrations, hardware, software and processing is giving many organizations a reason to evaluate their current solution to see how it’s meeting the demands coming at them by fans.

 “We are seeing a dramatic increase in momentum in the marketplace as a reaction to the updates we’ve made to our solution in the last year.  The system has shown excellent stability combined with a dynamic off-line mode accounting for network delays or outages.” said Mitch Lewandowski, Bypass’ SVP of Engineering.   Mitch noted that the tight partnership with their hardware partner, Clover, is proving to be a clear differentiator in the market. Customers are looking for the right balance between a beautiful aesthetic and a durable solution with a competitive capital expense.  “We love how closely our teams have worked to bring this hardware platform to the market and what the future holds by adding even more value that we’ll bring to our clients and the fan!”



The HEAT Group is comprised of the National Basketball Association’s Miami HEAT and the 19,600-seat AmericanAirlines Arena. The HEAT is a three-time NBA Champion having won titles in 2006, 2012 and 2013 and is a celebrated leader in every discipline of the business of basketball. AmericanAirlines Arena, home of the HEAT, is a LEED Gold Recertified, award-winning, state-of-the-art facility, which hosts over 150 events per year. AmericanAirlines Arena has maintained its position as the #1 Arena in Florida for the fourth consecutive year, has claimed the #11 spot in the United States, and has placed #22 in the world according to Pollstar’s 2018 year-end rankings of the world’s top arenas. The Arena is located on the waterfront in the thriving arts and entertainment district in downtown Miami. For more information, please visit and

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