Spectra Fairs Attributes Huge Revenue Gains Directly to Bypass POS

Jill KilgoreOrdering & Point of Sale, Sports

In 2016 Spectra Fairs chose Bypass to replace their POS systems at 5 different sites in the US. Over 300 units were deployed across Alameda, Bonney Field, Cal Expo, OC Fair, and Sonoma.

Spectra’s CFO just announced that they saw a 13% increase in sales across those sites compared to the previous fair season of 2015. Bypass is thrilled to announce that 70% of that gain was attributed directly to the Bypass POS system.

This is just another example of how installing the Bypass POS can increase your revenue in a major way. We look forward to seeing continued gains with Spectra and all other customers that we serve.

Sales Increase Attribution

9% sales increase attributed to Bypass POS