Front of House solutions

Your café is busy. You have to serve crowds of customers—and you have to do it quickly. That’s why our tools are designed to be reliable, always on, and lightning fast.

  • ID Card Pay
  • Room Charges
  • Speed of Service
  • Register
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Badge Pay


Your guests want to control their experience. You want to save money and improve efficiency. Let us help you turn your café into a self-service destination.

  • Emailed receipts
  • Payroll deduction
  • Kiosk
  • Online ordering
  • Mobile ordering
    and wallet

back office tools

Eliminate the tedious hours you spend compiling reports at the end of the day. Instead, let your Bypass products do the work for you—freeing you up to plan your next big initiative.

  • Comprehensive and Custom Reporting
  • Device Management
  • Menu Management
  • Corporate Integrations
  • Employee Control


Without actionable insights—based on actual data—you’re left running your business on guesswork and instinct. Let Bypass’ powerful data engine show you how to make the right decisions for all of your locations right now.

  • Comprehensive and Custom Reporting
  • Food Cost Analysis
  • Labor Stats
  • Customer Insights