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How we get to the point of sale

  • We keep it simple

    Big problems don’t need complex solutions—they need the right ones. So we work to get to the core of our customers’ needs with the most straightforward answer.

  • We listen to learn

    The day we think we know everything is the day we get left behind. We’re always listening to make ourselves better—not waiting for our turn to speak.

  • We hold ourselves accountable

    It’s not just about holding ourselves to outcomes. Every employee and manager holds themselves accountable for how they go about achieving them.

  • We stay proactive

    We wear a lot of hats and step up without getting asked. Waiting for something to go wrong? Not here—we come up with solutions before it’s an urgent problem.

  • We're data-driven every day

    Data’s not a buzzword here. We look to it in every decision we make, whether it’s our next product, book club selection, or lunch choice.

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