Chesapeake Energy Arena

Upgrading security while increasing revenue with Bypass


Success Highlights


10.5% per capita revenue growth


6 transactions/minute during peak periods

"Bypass consistently brings new innovation opportunities to the table as a true partner - whether it be new POS software enhancements, new reporting capabilities, or ideas on how to streamline our business."

- Kaarthik Iyer, Director, Food and Beverage, Savor


Chesapeake Energy Arena (CEA), a leading event arena and home of the Oklahoma City Thunder, understood the importance of concession speed of service, point-of-sale reliability, and innovation in order to give guests a premium experience.

CEA aimed to accelerate concession revenue and streamline their concessions management through one integrated POS solution.


Bypass was engaged by CEA to consolidate both concessions (managed by Savor) and suites (managed by Levy) to Bypass’s full- service POS and management system in 2016.

CEA valued that Bypass’s system required less cashier training upfront and that software updates were cloud-based, limiting on-premise maintenance. Optimized for fast order and payment processing, Bypass’s solution processed more orders in the same period of time for CEA in comparison to their legacy solution.

The fully-integrated solution also allowed back office reporting, cloud services, terminals, and payment services to be with one partner.


Two years following Bypass’s implementation, CEA has seen accelerated revenue growth and more streamlined management across their concessions business.

Accelerated revenue

Concessions revenue growth was a result of an increase in overall per capita revenue and optimized transaction throughput during periods of peak demand.

CEA saw revenue per capita increase by 10.5% with Bypass in comparison to their previous POS system. "The transition to Bypass was smooth in our first year, but year two was where this solution really shines,” said Kaarthik Iyer, Director of Food & Beverage at Savor, CEA’s concessions operator.

Peak load performance saw speeds of up to 6 transactions per minute (sustained 10 second transactions) during top producing intervals, high above industry norms.

Streamlined management

In addition to top-line revenue improvements, Bypass streamlined concession management with a fully-connected system, allowing CEA to quickly access actionable reporting. Bypass’s continued investment in innovation also allows them to strategically partner with CEA to offer new technologies and optimizations — all deployed via the cloud without additional hardware installations.

CEA plans to continue to leverage Bypass’s POS and management system to grow their business as a long-term partner.