National Instruments Cafe

Creating a better cafe experience for employees and customers


Success Highlights


6 transactions/minute during peak periods


41% of sales through mobile NFC


4-5X faster menu management

“From front-of-the-house to back, Bypass is the easiest system I’ve ever used.”

- John Bay, General Manager at National Instruments Cafe, Compass Group

Meeting the demands of a people—focused culture

Austin, TX-headquartered National Instruments (NI) is known not only for its test and measurement systems, but its people-focused culture. Its employee-centered approach has consistently landed the company on Best Place to Work lists, including Fortune’s Top 100. That focus is perfectly exemplified in its Austin campus, featuring colorful collaboration zones, an annual employee appreciation week, and one of its hallmarks, full-featured cafes with varied food stations, health-conscious options, and on-site chefs.

With that employee focus in mind, National Instruments and its foodservice management contractor, Compass Group, turned to Bypass to improve the experience for its busy employees as well as cafe staff in the front and back of the house.

A simple solution for a complex problem

After investigating several solutions, Ni & Compass Group selected Bypass in 2017. With over 1,000 transactions a day, and reliable rushes at both breakfast and dinner, NI needed a solution that could handle peak traffic, limiting how much time guests spent in line and increasing the time they could spend eating and congregating with coworkers. This meant not only accepting any form of payment, including EMV chip and mobile payments like Google and Apple Pay, but implementing a system that cashiers could quickly pick up, scanning items and completing orders with minimal training.


The back-office staff needed a solution that worked beyond the register also. Prior to Bypass, changing prices and items was a lengthy and complicated process and their access to data was limited.

“It’s not just intuitive for cashiers and customers, but it saves tons of management time,” said John Bay, General Manager of the location.

Accelerating transactions

With Bypass, Compass and National Instruments have increased the speed of their transactions, running up to 6 transactions per minute. “At our busiest, we now only have three or four people waiting. Our lines are moving four times faster with Bypass during peak times.”

The faster speeds are due in part to Bypass’s modern registers, including offline functionality and an intuitive interface with large images and top entrees. They’re also due to new payment options possible with Bypass’s registers.

National Instruments’ modern workforce, for example, quickly realized the cafe accepted Apple Pay and Google Pay, which offer the fastest transaction speeds of any payment method. 41% of cafe visitors use mobile payment, which is 9.3x times higher than the national average of 4.4 percent1 and moves NI’s cafe closer to a fully cashless location.


Better management & insights

Bypass’s centralized management solution is helping cafe management as well. For example, making menu adjustments in Bypass is 4-5x faster than previous systems staff had used. Bypass also offers on-demand insights, which NI cafe management uses to determine product mix, top-selling items, and even using data from that day’s breakfast to inform lunch.


In preparing for an upcoming renovation, Bypass now allows NI and Compass to leverage data they didn’t have access to before, including finding their top offerings as they would have to limit their menu, and offering discounts at different times to manage peak rushes while they upgrade their space.

Looking ahead

National Instruments plans to continue to focus on customer experience, including testing out new options for its guests like online ordering and self-service kiosks. As NI and Compass continue to innovate, they will look to Bypass to understand the behavior of their customers and employees, and how to best keep evolving to meet the needs of National Instruments employees.

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