TIAA Bank Field

Upgrading security while increasing revenue with Bypass

Success Highlights


22% per capita growth


No dip in speed of service with secure EMV transactions

"The Jaguars pride ourselves in making the game day fan experience efficient and seamless at TIAA Bank Field. The Bypass POS and management system contributes to that goal by ensuring we’re ready for the next innovation in concessions solutions."

- Larry Wilson, VP of Facility Operations, Jacksonville Jaguars


As the Jacksonville Jaguars’ home stadium, TIAA Bank Field (TIAA) desired to accelerate their food and beverage service, while also taking the next step in security — installing a P2PE-validated solution that accepts EMV transactions.

On top of maximizing revenue potential, TIAA also needed to streamline their concessions, suites, and in-seat service operations. Reliable reporting and timely access to data were requirements for gaining insights to inform future innovation opportunities.


Bypass enabled TIAA to combine all food and beverage sectors of the venue under one partner. After clear goals and deliverable dates were established, the installation phase included over 550 terminals across concessions, suites, and in-seat solutions.
Utilizing Bypass’s full P2PE encryption technology was key to improving service speed without sacrificing security. TIAA had previously been hesitant to accept EMV or mobile wallet payments due to slow transaction speeds, but Bypass’s unique partnership with First Data and Clover provided the assurance needed to move forward.

Bypass’s full-featured, back-of-house system produced accurate reporting and reconciliation, which streamlined workflows. Bypass was also able to handle custom integrations, such as a partnership with Ticketmaster to accept tickets with stored value.

"Bypass has been a fantastic update to operations at TIAA Bank field - delivering a seamless implementation, superior peak-load stability, and reliable reporting."

- Chris Angne, Vice President Operational Systems and Standards, Delaware North Sportservice


The TIAA and Bypass partnership delivered accelerated revenue across all food and beverage categories and streamlined venue management.

Accelerated revenue

After Bypass’s implementation, transaction counts were compared to the previous system on both standard POS systems and once EMV payments were accepted.

When comparing Bypass’s performance to TIAA’s previous provider, Bypass delivered significantly more orders during peak hours of service. Peak load transaction count increased by 22%*, as speed translated to more revenue for TIAA.

Enhanced security

Furthermore, even after EMV payment technology was deployed, transaction speed was held generally constant (only up 3%), despite the leap in security.

Streamlined management

Bypass was able to synchronize data into digestible reporting, ready to be consumed by teams located in and out of the venue.

Like the transition to EMV, Bypass’s fast development cycles successfully positioned TIAA to evolve to the needs of the market and to easily innovate as the business continued to grow.