How Restaurant Chain Size Impacts Tech Innovations

Tal VinnikDigital Transformation, Operations & Management, Restaurants

From mobile payments to loyalty to kiosks, innovation at quick-serve (QSR) and fast casual restaurants varies dramatically across the US. Our Restaurant Readiness Index finds that the availability and preference of features differ by a number of factors including geography, age and income, but how much does the size of the chain matter? Regardless of demographics, consumers overwhelmingly like restaurant … Read More

Digital Transformation Lessons from 5 Leading Restaurants and Cafes

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Mobile App

“If you build it, they will come” isn’t quite accurate for restaurant mobile apps and other technologies—most apps either don’t meet customer expectations or aren’t used enough to make an impact one way or another. But when digital transformation works, whether it’s for loyalty, mobile payments and ordering, or timely and personalized coupons, it impacts the whole organization. We found … Read More

[Report] Managers and Customers Divided on Restaurant Tech

Tal VinnikDigital Transformation, Restaurants

Managers want to make their customers happy. That was easily apparent in the latest edition of the Restaurant Readiness Index, the last in a series from Bypass, PYMNTS and Bank of America Merchant Services. The problem? They often don’t know what makes customers happy. In our third Restaurant Readiness Index, we found that customers had big appetites for technology innovations, … Read More

“Regulars” v. Multi-Location Customers: The Tech Divide

Tal VinnikDigital Transformation, Restaurants

You might expect that with so many dining options, customers are unlikely to frequent a specific location, but according to our latest Restaurant Readiness Index, the regulars who stop by at appointed times on a daily or weekly basis are still the majority. While it’s not surprising that people visit a convenient, nearby location, notable differences between these two groups … Read More

[Podcast] The Key Ingredient in QSR & Fast Casual Technology

Tal VinnikDigital Transformation, Ordering & Point of Sale, Restaurants

The race to keep up with consumers’ expanding tech appetites is on. In our latest Restaurant Readiness Index, a survey of thousands of QSR and fast casual restaurant consumers, we found out just how big those appetites are. 40 percent of recent visitors to Arby’s, for example, reported using self-service kiosks to order and 62 percent of all those surveyed … Read More

[Report] Consumers Embrace (Some) QSR & Fast Casual Tech

Tal VinnikDigital Transformation, Restaurants

Restaurant-goers are encountering more technology when they visit fast casual and quick serve restaurants (QSRs), and they like what they’re seeing. Bypass, PYMNTS and Bank of America Merchant Services have previously indexed the innovators in restaurant tech in our Restaurant Readiness Index, and for our third edition, we turned our eyes on the guest experience. Examining how geography, demographics and … Read More

BC Place Drives Concession Sales with App-Free Mobile Ordering

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BC Place Mobile Ordering Card

Ready, BC Place, Centerplate and Bypass have joined forces to create all-new in-seat ordering that’s more seamless than ever before. When fans don’t want to miss any of the action at your venue, ordering from their seat at a venue and having food brought to you is an easy sell, especially when concessions lines stretch into the distance. But in-seat … Read More

Are Self-Service Kiosks Right for You?

Tal VinnikDigital Transformation, Ordering & Point of Sale

“Are fast food workers becoming obsolete?” “Are self-service kiosks changing customer behavior?” “Are self-service kiosks isolating us from human interaction?” Self-service kiosks have prompted many broad questions about the industry, the economics of the retail and restaurant industries, and even human behavior—but for restauranteurs, they care about this specific question: are they right for me, my workers and my customers? … Read More