Are Self-Service Kiosks Right for You?

Tal VinnikDigital Transformation, Ordering & Point of Sale

“Are fast food workers becoming obsolete?” “Are self-service kiosks changing customer behavior?” “Are self-service kiosks isolating us from human interaction?” Self-service kiosks have prompted many broad questions about the industry, the economics of the retail and restaurant industries, and even human behavior—but for restauranteurs, they care about this specific question: are they right for me, my workers and my customers? … Read More

Mastercard MLB All-Star Game Ad on Processing Speed (powered by Bypass)

Markus BeebyNews, Ordering & Point of Sale, Sports

When A-Rod and Big Papi face off on transaction speed, they do it with the fastest hardware/software in the land… This fun clip from last week’s MLB All-Star game featured baseball legends Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz in an Mastercard NFC showdown to see who could get more orders processed with their contactless Mastercard. Shot at Nationals Park, the clip … Read More