Dual Mode Kiosk

Self-service kiosk, grab and go market or register in one.

Self-service kiosk, grab and go market or register in one.



Dual Mode Kiosk


Dual Mode Kiosk

Self-service kiosk, grab and go
marketplace or register in one.

The flexible, affordable kiosk solution

Switch your Clover Station from a register to a kiosk in seconds to easily adapt to various capacities, staff counts and consumer preferences.

  • Built-in grab and go

    Simplify and speed up checkout by scanning to pull up the exact item instantly.

  • Contact-free ordering

    Order and pay without human interaction for a healthier, safer experience.

  • Optimize operations

    Without cashiers, you can save on labor costs and focus staff wherever needed most.

  • Maximize sales potential

    Keep your locations open to encourage sales from anywhere in the venue.



Quick and Flexible Enablement




Same Lightning-fast



Add Capacity Without
Adding Labor


No Hardware Investment,
Use What You Have

Ready for Grab and Go

Set up a grab and go marketplace with
minimal hardware, footprint and expenses.


  • Affordable, compact, adaptable

    No expensive, bulky equipment. No permanent setup. Simply a register and scanner that can be set up and moved anywhere.

  • Tap or scan items

    Build your menu with packaged and made-to-order items from one intuitive interface.

Flexibility at your finger tips


Dual Mode Kiosk has the same speed and security you expect from our register in addition to the other benefits of self-service:

  • Increase basket size
  • Reduce labor cost
  • New fan experiences
  • And more

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