Simplify and scale operations

Take control across every register and location, and get valuable insights in return to drive your business forward.


Menu management


Actionable reporting


Flexible permissions


Curated partners

This is enterprise

  • One source of truth

    Easily make menu updates at hundreds of franchise locations (or just one) to roll out brand new items and centralize reporting across your organization.

  • Location-specific menus

    Create menus with location-specific prices and taxes based on catalogs set at the corporate level


Actionable reporting & insights

Make smarter, data-driven decisions with over 70+ reports spanning the counter to the corporate office, including product trends and regions,  flagging fraud and theft and more in our centralized analytics platform.

  • Manage by the numbers

    Use data, not instinct, to thrive in a competitive environment where you need to understand the factors that impact performance at your locations.

  • Customized and real-time

    Don’t wait weeks for a report for your business—choose from numerous options that will help achieve your financial goals.

Powerful and flexible permissions

Franchises and stadiums are more complex than just “manager” and “cashier.”

Define as many roles as you need for permissions at different locations for pricing, scheduling, menu management and more.


Bring together

A well-oiled machine needs all the parts to fit perfectly. With Clover Sport at the core, we’ve partnered with best-in-class organizations across your entire operation to enhance every last one.

  • Best-of-breed partnerships, not data syncs

    Seamlessly integrate solutions like clock-in and online ordering directly into your workflow instead of syncing data after the fact.

  • Open API

    Additional needs? Leverage our API that allows current and future tech to integrate into our platform.


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