7shifts + Bypass

Take control across every register and location, and get valuable insights in return to drive your business forward.

  • Seamless clock-in

    Save time and enforce schedules by allowing staff to clock-in directly on Bypass POS stations.

  • Optimized Labor costs

    Forecast predicted sales and labor with POS data from Bypass.



Reduce labor costs up to 3%

  • Auto-scheduling

    Spend 80% less time creating schedules with learning algorithms that give you the right schedule every time.

  • In-depth reporting

    Track shift coverage, compare planned and actual labor costs and more to identify more opportunities to increase labor profitability.

Keep staff engaged

  • Instant notifications

    Get overtime alerts and reduce missed shifts by 50% through staff notifications for new or updated schedules.

  • Real-time communication

    Fill shifts faster and respond to issues with chat and staff feedback that will notify the right people.


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