Reward Your Most Valuable Fans at the Register

An easy and intuitive way to offer discounts to ticket-holders and members—without adding time at checkout.


Save time for fans and cashiers

No coupons or manual entry

Fans just show their ticket to the cashier. After their barcode is scanned, offers tied to that ticket are applied.  

Keep the line moving

Eliminate the need for manager approval with Promotions actively updated on your POS—including ending Promotions for abusers.



Offer the right discounts for every fan and item

Incentivize fans with multiple promotion levels

Whether season ticket or family ticket packages for one game or the whole season, incorporate discounts into your point of sale through Ticketmaster integration or uploading your data.

Any item, any discount

Take a dollar off hot dogs or 10% off your whole menu—launch promotions that will drive the most impact.

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Boost employee and membership retention

Celebrate your fan club

Give fans another reason to join your fan club by recognizing your card carrying members.

Benefit employees

Connect employee badges to your point of sale to discount all or specific items to show appreciation for their hard work.

Offer Promotions Today

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