Bypass Yogurtland Setup

FOH Configuration

Required Next Steps for Bypass Installation Preparation

Please perform the following steps to ensure the success of your installation day.

All POS FOH Configuration set-up and edits are conducted through Bypass Manager.  Using the Bypass Manager Configuration Guide, the Administrator MUST complete all of the following steps prior to launch. Your due date for completion is 5 days prior to the installation date. If you do not complete these steps, your installation will be rescheduled.

Step 1 : Bypass Manager Configuration

In order to get your store ready for launch, bypass has to be configured with your menu items, employees, discounts, and taxes. Complete the below tasks in

1. Follow along with the configuration video below to setup your store’s configuration. 

Or you can follow our printed guide here - Bypass Manager Configuration Walkthrough.

Step 2 : 7shifts Setup

In order to schedule your employees you will need to register for 7Shifts. 7Shifts will control scheduling, clocking in, and breaks. Follow the steps below to register for 7Shifts.

  1. Login into 7Shifts Refer to your setup email for your 7shifts login.

  2. Watch the pre-recorded webinar on how to use 7shifts below or follow along with the 7shifts Account Set Up Document.

  3. Learn how you create employees on Bypass & 7shifts in the Employee Creation Document.

  4. Use the 7Shifts Scheduling Guide to create a schedule for your employees.

Step 3 : Installation Day

Assuming you completed the above steps, your installation is scheduled 30 days after you get your introduction email. Your installation day will be rescheduled if you fail to complete the steps above. Your installation box will contain an installation guide to help set up your station and a cashier guide to help train on how to use the system. If you have misplaced either of your guides you can use the links below to re-download them. 

1. Installation Guide

2. Cashier Flipbook

3. Bypass Daily Processes

Step 4 : Moving Forward with Support

After your installation day, continued support will exist in the Bypass Support center. To access support, either click on help in the bottom left corner of or follow this link.


Questions on how to complete the Bypass Manager Configuration?

Log into the Bypass Support Center for Solutions and Support contact information

Click the *Help* button and then *Support Center* in Bypass Manager

Once logged in, click the *Solutions* section to access the dedicated *Yogurtland* solutions articles.

You can also contact via or call (512) 291-6192 Option 1

Questions on 7shifts?

Contact via Live Chat inside your account


Or via email: phone: 1 888 979 5877 ext 1